Astrid Brinck


Inner Freedom System is the result of over two decades of research done by Astrid Brinck, through experience with hundreds of people in sessions, seminars, retreats, trainings, personal work and deep comprehension of the human heart. This research includes an extensive observation of the rythms, phases and cycles in nature and its relationship with the rythms, phases and cycles of the maturity of people.

This research has dived deep into the implications of leaving unfinished endeavors in our lives, the implications of the inability to be gratful and honor what has been. At the same time, there is a great part of the work that guides us into new beginnings with grace, dignity and adult love.

the Process

the Vision


Inner Freedom is an inner process  based on a circular map for human awakening, growth and awareness. The purpose of this process is to integrate all areas of the human heart in order to bring forward the highest potential of each individual.

Inner Freedom recognizes a ciclic order in all living systems and organisms including all areas in human nature such as relationships and inner processes. This order has primal phases that can be understood as steps of growth, maturity and evolution. Having a comprehension of this cyclic order and its phases allow us to recognize in which phase of any given process we are in or the theme we are looking into and how to proceed to recover the fundamental harmony.

Inner Freedom System can be offered in various contexts. Depending on the it, there are different approaches to the experiences and teachings. You can experience it through; Inner Freedom for Everyone, Inner Freedom for Women, Inner Freedom for Parents, Inner Freedom for Couples, Inner Freedom for Educators.

One of the core trainings and integration of inner freedom is Conscious Leadership.

For more information visit: Inner Freedom Institute

One day, as humans, we will remember what we have forgotten and live as one with our planet Earth. We will find inner recognition, belonging and such sense of worthiness that we will remember how to live together. Our hearts will be so full, that we will no longer need to make up stories. The veils will drop and our eyes will see the same beautiful truth. We will remember how to listen. Listen to our hearts, to the hearts of others and the heart of Mother Nature. We will love with humbleness, compassion and abundance all living creatures on our planet Earth. We will move into the natural order of things and create the most beautiful way that will bring peace, balance and beauty.

We will live the full circles of life, mastering the beginnings and the endings with grace and joy. We will meet ourselves and others embracing both light and darkness. We will celebrate welcomes and ‘wellgones’ with the same love. Men, women and all creatures will honor the Circle of Life above all.

It will be so amazingly beautiful, that our souls will come from far away to witness what our descendants will accomplish… with a little help from our present lives.

Everything in life is a circle. From a macro o micro perspective we will always find the nature and the order of the most simple shape in nature. One of the most fundamental circles to observe is the overview of our planet from space. Planet Earth is a magnificent circle of life. Various forces coming both from within and without determine its cycles and everything that lives in it, is made of and determined by these forces. All of these forces move in circles, in resonant circular rythms and cycles.

The human heart is also determined by this order. There is a path for its growth and maturity. Having a deep comprehension and understanding of its phases and wisdom through experience, can have a deep transformative impact in our lives and all relationships.

Inner Freedom  Process