An awakened woman expresses her love with freedom and abundance, knows how to use her power, embodies her wisdom, has the ability to surrender and to be vulnerable. She walks life with dignity and respect. She honors her ancestors and is aware of her impact for the following generations.

An awakened woman has a deep sense of responsibility for her own transformation and evolution, she lives from the core of her being. An authentic woman follows the yes of her heart with no compromise and with deep respect for the world around her.

An awakened woman embodies authentic joy and pleasure. She knows her body and is responsible for her feminine sexual power. An empowered woman owns her perfection, worthiness and beauty, she can recognize the perfection and beauty in others. Her presence inspires the awakening and empowering of those around her. She lives rooted in solid values of truth and acceptance.

An awakened woman has enough humbleness to recognize her ‘mistakes’ and has the courage to say she is sorry and to do what has to be done. She knows where she is standing. She embraces her life as it it. She loves where she lives, she loves who she lives with and love what she does. If she doesn´t she is aware of it. An authentic woman is a good listener and is always open to learn new ways. She is willing to engage beyond her comfort zones.

An awakened woman knows how to enjoy simple things and make the best out of everyday. An awakened woman recognizes and bows to the greatest forces of life. She is compassionate and understanding. An awakened woman knows that her words are powerful prayers and makes aligned use of her voice with her truth.

An awakened woman has an overview which allows her to maintain perspective in all situations. She acts on her own authority rather than looking for validation from outside. An awakeed woman accepts and embraces the consequences of her decisions and actions.

An awakened woman is an empowered woman.

Inner Freedom   for Women

Awakened  Woman Manifesto


Inner Freedom for Women Program is a journey to self mastery and awakening. Each retreat is designed so that each participant can discover, awaken and learn the essential areas to manifest her maximum potential and embody her authentic nature.

Inner Freedom for Woman Program is the result of extended research on feminine nature and deep journeys of experience in the heart of women. Astrid Brinck has been empowering women to their authentic nature for over twenty years. Her extended experience has given her a deep rooted foundation to create a unique path for women.

Astrid Brinck