You can plan a special retreat with Astrid for your team, organization, common purpose circle of people, your family, a couple or any relationship.

Your purpose can be team building, strengthening of relationship, project development, conflict solving o anything related with inner freedom or human relationships.

Astrid can take you both to inner landscapes of harmony and/or to breathtaking landscapes around the world, the Andes mountains being her 'home' and most common destination. You can also choose a journey that includes horses.

Custom Designed Retreats must be planned with at least six months in advance.

To book a retreat, write to:

One on one

Custom  Designed   Retreats

Individual   Sessions

Astrid Brinck

To book a session, write to:

Astrid´s work with individuals has its foundations in 'Inner Freedom System'. Its purpose is to support clients to own their life with dignity and deep rooted worthiness. It is a system that is focused in the strength and harmonius areas of the human heart, knowing that there is really nothing to be 'achieved'. Everyone is already that which they are searching for. it simply needs to be revealed.

The process may involve integration of thresholds, decision making, closing circles, recapitulation, life design, relationship alignment, purpose alignment, harmony design,  and more.

Sessions in person can be done both indoors or in a natural setting, using all elements, phenomenology and tools from nature. Sessions are also available online.

Astrid has been offering individual support for over two decades to hundreds of clients. She has worked with people from all corners of the world giving her a unique social comprehension, a deep rooted experience and mastery in the Arts of Help for Self Development.

An individual session with Astrid can last from one to two hours depending on the settings, the needs of the client and the methods she uses.

Some of the tools she uses include various ways of recapitulation, breathwork, ancestral and family alignment, 'trauma' integration, biodinamic language, nature inmersion, pre-emotional release, inner constellation, life planning, shamanic journeys, music therapy, Circular Resolution, Empowering Communication and Meditation Techniques.