Astrid Brinck

Astrid has develop a unique way to hold space for women. She integrates ‘The Circle’ for Women, Feminine Psychology, Reproductive Health, Integration of Trauma and Rites of Passage. These aspects together have a crucial impact in the quality and timing of the process.

All women literally live in a constant ‘Circle’ which never ends. Having a deep comprehension of these movements in a physical and emotional level allow them to find cycle alignment, menstrual alignment and graduation integration (known as menopause). These alignments and integration allow every relationship in their lives to rise, starting with the relationship with themselves and Self Love.

Individual work can be done in one single session, a four session process or a thirteen intense session process.

Sessions  Designed for Women

One on one

Once or twice a year Astrid takes an individual, a couple or up to four people for a custom designed journey. It can also include nature exploration and direct experience with all elements.

These retreats can go from two days to a couple of weeks, especially if done by Astrid´s residence in the Andes mountains.

Astrid´s favorite place to do it is at the hotsprings in the South of Chile to include water sessions in the most pure water.

Custom  Designed   Retreats

Astrid´s work with individuals has its foundations in 'The Circle'. Its purpose is to support people to own their life with dignity and deep rooted worthiness. Individual sessions are designed for peope to dive into deep acceptance of who they are and where they are with loving eyes and true compassion. The consultant is always in charge of their process and Astrid´s loving presence supports their empowerment and surrender to what is.

Most of the sessions are done in a natural setting, using all elements, phenomenology and tools from nature. After years having a traditional office, Astrid has discover that the work ourdoors has a much deeper impact in the imprint of an awakening experience.

She has been offering individual support for over two decades to hundreds of clients. She has worked with people from all corners of the world giving her a unique social comprehension, a deep rooted experience and mastery in the Arts of Help for Self Development.

An individual session with Astrid can last from one to three hours depending on the settings, the needs of the consultant and the methods she uses

Some of the tools she uses include breathwork (both dry and in water), ancestral and family alignment, trauma integration, biodinamic language, nature inmersion, pre-emotional release, inner constellation, life planning, shamanic journeys, music therapy, Circular Resolution, Empowering Communication and Meditation Techniques.

Individual   Sessions