Astrid Brinck

Free Bonding with Horses

A story of Love

Free Bonding with horses session, Hashlahof, Germany 2018

I was about eight years old the first time I rode a horse. I did it alone, sattle free, with my two dogs and filled of a joy I will never forget. Once we crossed the street from the house (the horse, the dogs and I) we entered the country side and then the forest. That day was the first of many adventures in nature… Since the beginning it was all about presence. I didn´t learn a technique, only to feel, to trust and inhale my own fears. The horse, the forest and nature did the rest.

Decades later, I feel the same joy when I am in nature with horses. We heal each other in such an amazing way… At the end of each journey, the feeling of gratitude is mutual. Many times I ride horses that have mostly been treated as an exotic transportation. When they feel seen and loved, they show their appreciation. So many times I have cried to witness their humble, honest and deep gratefulness. Their hearts are like an infinite ocean of emotional mastery.

Thank you horses for being my teachers all throughout my life. Gracias, Chaltumay!

Bonding with Horses, Molkom, Sweden, 2019

Wise Horse, Wild   Souls 

February 21st to March 1st, 2020, Andes Mountains

Wise Horse Wild Woman, Nvados Chillàn, 2019

Wise Horse Wild Woman, Andes Mountains 2019

Wise Horse Wild Woman, La Meseta, Chile, 2018

Wise Horse, Wild Woman, February 2016, Blue Lagoon, Quetrupillán

Free Bonding with Horses, Ñuble, 2019

It is a journey designed for participants to connect with their wild essence allowing it to manifest with freedom and joy.

In the beautiful region of the Lakes in the South of Chile, we will travel through the landscapes of volcanoes, lakes and deep southern forest. We will combine the comfort of an amazing country house, the magic of hotsprings and a couple of nights in nature. We will visit an indigenous area on the way and try their amazing food.

We will also work through fears and inner limiting agreements as we go in the journey, diving into the inner truth beyond right and wrong allowing the human wild heart, the wisdom of the horse and the guidance of nature to support the process.

There will be enough time and a slow enough rhythm to connect with the horses, feel nature and dive in the personal journey, altogether in a dance of togetherness

Horses are amazing sentient beings. They have both the sweetness and strength manifested in such amazing coherence. The quality of relationship that humans and horses can establish is extraordinary. They listen, communicate, support, guide and they allow us to ride them.

Before riding a horse is fundamental to connect with them, introduce ourselves, take time to feel each other until we can ask them permission to do so, even more so if we are going on a long journey with them, and even more if that journey is through the Andes mountains.

Horse journeys include all, the inner journey, the horse relationship, the group dynamics and the deep dive into nature. These journeys can go from one to thirteen days depending on the purpose and the program.

​Horse Journeys

Free Bonding with Horses with Astrid 2018

Astrid has developed a unique approach to relating in deep presence with horses. This is a way of mutual healing and mutual support between the horse and the person. There are four main areas for this work. Earth Bonding, Back Bonding, Movement Bonding and Ritual Bonding.

Earth Bonding happens with feet on the ground, without riding or sitting on the horse. Earth Bonding can include meditative stillness by the horse, circular movements, embracing, streching and bodywork.

Back Bonding requires a previous relationship with the horse in order to ask permission to get on its back sattle free. This includes stillness sitting, back relaxing, full body embracement, knee rising, yoga postures, back massage to the horse and standing on the horse.

Movement Bonding includes the movement of the horse, whether it is walking, troting, or galoping. Becoming one with the horse through movement in total trust and unity. It is not about getting somewhere, but about being one in the movement.

Ritual Bonding involves a deeper connection with the horse both through group movements with many horses and participants and also with individual prayers. The most common ritual bonding is through making a necklace of prayers before a journey with the horse. We set our intentions and share them with our horse by allowing him to wear our prayers, giving us a stronger feeling of connection with the horse. There are also many ways of group rituals, the most common is having one participant laying down on a big table and allowing the horses to come close and interact with the participant in a unique way.

Exclusive group for only ten participants!

Registration Open

Free Bonding with Horses, Diguillín, 2019

Chillán Volcano, Shangrilá Valley, February 2012

Wise Horse Wild Woman, Shangrilah, 2017

Wise Horse, Wild Woman, February 2016, Quetrupillán Volcano