Astrid Brinck

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A Musical Project which brings together South American music with sounds and colors from around the world. Americalma offers both concerts and workshops. Andres, Navino and Astrid bring together their compositions and experience to create unique musical journeys and experiences of trascendence and joy. Every song has a unique way of reaching the heart and every dance is a journey to the heart of it all.

One of the main purposes of Americalma´s music is to open a door to remember the strength and the vulnerability of our planet. To witness its beauty and awaken our awareness.

America refers to the continent from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Alma refers to the spirit. The search of Americalma is to bring the eagle and condor together through music and share it with the world.


A singer from the heart, truly. A field of union is created in her concerts, a field of remembering, an invidible field that fills the space within and without. A field beyond technic, A filed of love.

 Spreading the Wings

Abriendo las Alas

currently available

at Concerts and Seminars

Currently Available

at Concerts and Seminars

Feminine  Heart

Ritual  Singing  Seminar

Authentic Voice  Seminar

A singing journey of dance, songs and prayers to connect us with truth, love and presence.

A journey of discovery for the authentic voice coming from the heart.

A guided meditation designed to connect the heart and the womb in a journey of depth and beauty.

Astrid´s first songs album. A journey from the heart. Melodies that takes us here and now with grace, beauty and strenght


Her singing is not simple singing, it is channeling a higher force. - Maria Barrientos
A quality in her presence makes her voice a channel to the source - Lisa May

Music from the heart


Astrid´s music embraces sounds and colors from all over the world creating journeys for the soul. Her singing comes directly from the heart making her voice a direct bridge to the human heart.

 After years of only sharing her music through live concerts she is launching her first album Spreading the Wings. Every song speaks about following the heart, jumping into truth, divine love, respect for nature, flying birds, honoring water and such subjects making her songs a reminder of our authentic human nature.

Music for the Soul